Tim Winkler is a sustainable contractor located in the Northern California (Windsor, CA.) wine region. Specializing in aquatic environments, Winkler Aquascapes purchased the pigs in March 2011 with the plans to use a team of mangalitsa aqua pigs to clean and restore shorelines of ponds and reservoirs that are infested with invasive aquatic weeds, thus providing winery owners or farmers an economical and ecological way of dealing with their problems. In addition, Winkler Wooly Pigs now offers pure bred breeding stock from proven lines throughout the United States. Winkler Farms sustainably raises & provides acorn & feral finished mangalitsa pork to restaurants & charcuterie chefs throughout the state of California & the Western United States. Winkler Farms is committed to raising their pigs in a healthy environment & genetically diversifying this wonderful breed.

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